Custom Designed for You

  • Integrates with CBORD Foodservice Suite®, Computrition Hospitality Suite®, Aurora FoodPro®, Stella® and others for access to your current menus in real time 
  • Customized with your logos and colors
  • Scales to any size enterprise 

Nothing to Install
Everything is online

  • Designed for desktops, phones, tablets and
    self-service kiosks
  • Available on campus and off
  • Ideal for parents concerned about their
    children’s diets

"​​As a client of Epicure Digital for over ten years, Phillips Exeter Academy's partnership with Harvey and his team can best be described as seamless, beginning with conversations on goals and aspirations on creating menu board content for multiple operations to walking ​us through CBORD integration, establishing allergen information and additional programming that enables us to communicate with our community. Rarely, have we found ourselves dealing with concerns or issues over the years with technology. Instead, Epicure Digital, Dining and our IT department can focus on adding features and upgrades that continue to elevate the dining experience for our customers, most recently being ION, their Interactive Online Nutrition System that our Dietician has employed"

Melinda Leonard

Director Dining Services
Phillips Exeter Academy

Promotes Healthy Eating

  • Plan well-balanced meals with nutritional information
  • Avoid allergens with menu labeling icons
  • Track daily nutrient intake
  • Use your or Epicure’s library of menu labeling icons for allergens and other lifestyle preferences
  • Filter menu items by:
  • lifestyle preferences like gluten-friendly, vegan, vegetarian
  • ecological choices like sustainability, farm-to-table and antibiotic-free
  • religious diets like Kosher and Halal
  • Filter menu items by the amounts of their calories, carbs, fat…
  • View menus and plan meals from all dining facilities for a full week in advance
  • Filter by dining location and by food stations within food courts
  • Display standard nutrition fact labels